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From Pastor Becker’s Heart to Yours….

I recently contacted both Mayor Dennis Phillips and Governor Bill Haslam regarding a proclamation (from the Family Research Council) declaring February 7-14, 2014 as National Marriage Week, for the following reasons.

“Whereas, marriage in every known human society creates new families, binds men and women together in a network of affection, mutual aid and mutual obligation, commits fathers and mothers to their children and connects children to a wider network of welcoming kin; and

Whereas, a healthy, loving marriage deserves our special respect because it provides irreplaceable personal happiness and creates the safest place for children to flourish and to enjoy the full emotional, moral, educational and financial benefits of both parents; and

Whereas, research indicates that men and women who marry and stay married in mutually supportive relationships generally live longer, experience better health, and enjoy more satisfying lives; and

Whereas, marriage breakdown takes a toll on the emotional, physical and financial well-being of all family members and communities and also increases the cost to taxpayers of many public human services programs; and

Whereas, citizens of our community are committed to promoting enrichment opportunities and resources that strengthen marital relationships and enhance personal growth, mutual fulfillment and family well-being; and

Whereas, I wish to applaud and encourage efforts by community citizens, faith communities, businesses, organizations, and local government and community leaders to strengthen marriages in a variety of ways, including marriage education programs, conferences, enrichment seminars and public policies that support marriage;

Now, therefore, I _________ the [Mayor or Governor] of _________ do hereby recognize February 7-14, 20XX as

I urge each husband and wife in our community to reflect upon their relationship and to commit to building and maintaining a healthy, loving marriage and family.”

Pastor Paul Becker “But I will sing aloud of Your power; Yes, I will sing aloud of Your mercy in the morning.” Psalm 59:16a.