Lutherans are Christians who believe that God our Father loves all that He has made and wants all people to be saved. He has made this possible through the perfect life, death and resurrection of His Son, Jesus.

The Holy Spirit calls us to turn from our sins and believe in the Good News of forgiveness through the Word of God. In our life together as forgiven sinners, Christians strive to grow in faith and hope toward God and in love toward our neighbors through simple acts of service.

During our times of worship, God manifests and reveals His grace to us through ordinary things such as word and water, and bread and wine. These move us to treasure all He has freely given us, to give thanks always, and to tell everyone what He has done.

Our new life in Christ can be captured in three biblical concepts (given in English first, then the original Greek): witness = martyria; mercy = diakonia, life together = koinonia.