Outreach Ministry Team shall establish, promote, and encourage activities focused on witnessing and service to the outside community. The Outreach Ministry Team’s mission shall be reaching people in the community who need to be welcomed into the body of Christ and empowering each Concordia member for a personal life mission in the world.  Subteams may include but are not limited to Evangelism, Social Ministry, and Public Relations. Team activities may include but are not limited to:

  1. Revitalization events
  2. Prayer walks
  3. Net Fishing Events
  4. Faith Conversation Training (with Discipleship)
  5. Interfaith Hospitality Network
  6. Kingsport Community Ministry Center
  7. Social Ministry projects (e.g. food baskets)
  8. VBS/Funfest Block Party
  9. Rummage Sale
  10. Greeters
  11. Outdoor Sign

Fun Fest Block Party 2015, signing up for gift card drawing, and enjoying some watermelon!


John Allen and Al Miller slice up some cold refreshing watermelon at the block party.



Cheerful volunteers greet hundreds of children and give out fun prizes at the fishing game booth.


A young fisherman retrieves his prize.