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A New Hymn

by Pastor Paul Becker

Concordia Theological Seminary in Ft. Wayne, Indiana announced a Hymn Competition for the 175th anniversary of the Seminary.  Several factors played into the process of writing this hymn.  As I often begin by thinking of a tune, I ran through many possibilities, looking for something lively and energetic, not too short, composed in a major key conveying a celebratory mood, and not over-used but also capable of bearing a new text.  “Lord Jesus Christ, the Church’s Head” (LSB 647 REUTER) met all my criteria.

The Scripture passages that guided me were I Chronicles 16:8 and Psalm 105:1, Give thanks unto the Lord, call upon His name; make known His deeds among the people.  I was hoping to write something that would speak both to the men preparing for the Holy Ministry, as well as Christians in local congregations who support them with their finances and prayers.  By focusing in a general way how we “Make known His deeds!” as well as looking specifically at each Person of the blessed Trinity as they relate to our lives of witness in the priesthood of all believers and in those set apart as stewards of the mysteries of God, I tried to give a fresh expression to the overarching missionary task of the Church that was both timely for our present context and timeless – to be sung by disciples of Jesus in any generation.  I humbly submit this hymn for use in the larger church without charge, asking only for acknowledgment of the author.  
Make known His deeds!  Let praises ring, His wondrous works repeating,
His marvels tell, His judgments sing, His righteous deeds rehearsing;
Your servants’ voice make strong, sing out heaven’s song!
Sweet messages of grace resound in every place,
Throughout each generation!
We thank You, Jesus, dearest Lord, for holy revelation
In sacraments and living Word, You make a new creation,
To grasp God’s promise sure: Christ’s cross is our cure!
From Satan, death and grave, from selfishness You save:
This is our proclamation!
Dear Father, unto You we cry, that Your Name be kept holy;
In all we teach and do, supply, to love and serve You only;
Your gracious Kingdom come, that we might become
Your prophets without fear, Your Christians gladly bear
Good News for every nation!
Spirit of Life, of truth and love, Now fill us with Your power,
Your priceless gifts from heaven above, cause faithful lives to flower;
In means of grace take root, bring forth godly fruit;
That all to God might turn and passion freely burn
For all to know salvation!

Tune: REUTER  (LSB 647)  

 “Make Known His Deeds!”  I Chronicles 16:8; Psalm 105:1  
Copyright 2020, Rev. Paul F. Becker

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